Monday, March 17, 2014

#402 Turn Back the Clock: 1976

Card thoughts: I think Mark Fidrych was the story of this season, and it should be his picture on the front. While Seaver had his usual fine season, he only led the league in strikeouts and his WAR was his second lowest in his career by this point.

Rear guard: Every year is the year of records being broken, and these records aren’t that impressive. Nolan Ryan would go on to set much more impressive records, and, uh, the only other records are meaningless one by Jose Morales and Butch Metzger. As for the players mentioned here, Randy Jones was a one year wonder in winning the Cy Young Award and all three Rookies of the Year ended being complete bust.

What was I doing in 1976? Crapping in my diapers on Bruner Street.

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