Saturday, March 22, 2014

#403 Turn Back The Clock: 1971

Card thoughts: Willie Mays is looking OLD. Of course, he was nearing 40 when this picture was taken. I would have put one of the four Orioles pitchers who won 20 games that year (probably Jim Palmer) on the front.

Rear guard: Well, every year is the year of the Hall of Famer. I did not know Luis Aparicio played that long. As for the other feats, it is strange that it took until 1971 for the World Series to be played at night; and the Senators, which were an expansion team in 1960 after the original franchise moved to Minnesota, failed again in Washington. It was a rickety franchise, changing owners several times and generally mired in last place before they moved to Texas. In their last game, the fans rioted, storming the field and stealing a bunch of souvenirs. The game was forfeited to the Yankees.

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