Saturday, April 2, 2011

#4 The Pete Rose Years: 1971-1974

Card fact: The beginning of the wacky seventies. This is card 3 of 6 of the Pete Rose subset.

Card thoughts: Boy, when I aquired the 1971 Rose card I thought I was in heaven. I think the 1972 card is the worst of all Topps designs. They must have let the "company freak" design the card. Some really cool in action shots on the '73 and '74 cards. I think the 1971 card is the best of this bunch. Note: Rose is starting to get that "jellybean look" that he had his later career, with a bowl cut and the perpetual batting helmet.

The player: Rose was in his prime in these years, winning the MVP in 1973. So were the Reds.

Rear guard: Topps seems to value all-star appearances rather than post-season stats. Or perhaps Rose didn't too well in those games?

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