Saturday, April 2, 2011

#6 The Pete Rose Years: 1979-1982

Card fact: This is the 2nd to last Pete Rose Years card (I'm sure getting sick of writing about Pete Rose!)

Card thoughts: The blue and purple Philly combo? Ugly! The 1981 Topps design is one my favorites. I loved the hats and the color combos on those cards. The 1982 card should be for NASCAR, not baseball, what with the rally stripe on the side.

The player: Although Rose was entering his twilight years, he was signed to fat free-agent contract in 1979: 4 years for $3.2 million. Since Mike Schmidt was at 3rd, Rose switched to 1st where he would play the rest of his career. He still led in doubles in 1980 and hits in 1981, and was a big part of the Phillies winning the world series in 1980.

Rear guard: Once again: No World Series mention by Topps. What gives?

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