Saturday, April 2, 2011

#5 The Pete Rose Years: 1975-1978

Card fact: Card 4 of 6 of the Pete Rose Years.

Card thoughts: There's some nice candid shots on these cards. I'm guessing the 1976 card is Rose hanging around the batting cage. It almost looks like Rose is already a Philly in the 1978 card, where you can see the crappy haircut he would sport the rest of his career. My favorite card design of the bunch is the 1976 card.

The player: Rose was moving around the field a lot in these years. He moved to third when the Reds decided to give Ken Griffey Sr. his outfield job. At the plate, Rose was playing nearly every game in these years, hitting lots of doubles and scoring lots of runs as his fellow Reds like Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Joe Morgan, and George Foster were driving in 90-100 runs every year.

Rear guard: The records start to fall: Most hits by a switch hitter (1977) and tied for the longest NL hitting streak (1978). 

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